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STWST Facade / continuous

An almost transparent flag flies in the wind. Black fragments of sleeping figures are applied in geometric order. The many in the other state in the air - As a strange swarm of unconsciousness or in contradictory territorial questions … Especially in sleep, people connect traces of mental consciousness that are far apart. We move over long distances. “48 Hours of Drifting” is a question of the sleeping drift of individuals and the many - in a proclaimed territory of indeterminate conditions, in a country under the network, in a utopia of broad breath and unconnected states of consciousness.

48 Hours of Drifting: Tanja Brandmayr
Production: Sandrik

Text in Versorgerin #119:
Windlines - Tanja Brandmayr
Short video and photo documentation: Quasikunst

Text on several Quasikunst projects with a focus on 4 blown coordinates (Text published in March 2019)