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 [[http://stwst48x3.stwst.at/en:enter_the_net_get_a_passport_for_the_cold_land|Quasikunst: Enter the Net / Get a Passport for the Cold Land]] [[http://stwst48x3.stwst.at/en:enter_the_net_get_a_passport_for_the_cold_land|Quasikunst: Enter the Net / Get a Passport for the Cold Land]]
-Quasikunst: The Robot is Present (to come)+[[http://stwst48x3.stwst.at/the_robot_is_present|Quasikunst: The Robot is Present]] 
 [[http://stwst48x3.stwst.at/en:location_id_home|Open Location: Location ID Home]] [[http://stwst48x3.stwst.at/en:location_id_home|Open Location: Location ID Home]]