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Stadtwerkstatt and NeuromedCampus Sleep Lab
Sleep Measurement / Performative Installation
servus Clubraum + Maindeck / Fr + Sat, 22:30 – 01:30

Go to sleep! Fatigue, exhaustion, over-information, shock working, sleep pressure, nightmare… Sleep is egalitarian in all its aspects, the criticism of economicized society goes without saying. STWST organizes a SLEEP BATTLE of a more relaxed kind: two people sleep against each other - connected to measuring devices and monitored by the Linz sleep laboratory.
The Sleep Battle can be seen and heard in the servus club room, as well as at the Sleep Tunnel on the main deck.
Sleep-Intro-Talk Friday, 22.30-23:00: STWST and Andreas Kaindlstorfer

Sleep-Intro-Talk Saturday, 22:30-23:00: Felix Stalder and Matthew Fuller

Then Live-Sleeping Time till 2:00 in the morning!
2 sleep against each other! Tired! Monitored! Nothing but seep!

The idea for the Sleep Battle came about during a kitchen dinner discussion on STWST48x4 SLEEP. Participants: Andreas Kaindlstorfer (NeuromedCampus Sleep Laboratory), Pamela Neuwirth (Radio Artist), Harald Purrer (Anesthesia), Georg Wilbertz (History of Art and Architecture) and Franz Xaver, Tanja Brandmayr, Jan Nahuel-Jenny (all STWST New Art Contexts). The Friday talk refers to facts and experiences from the sleep laboratory. The Saturday conversation between Matthew Fuller and Felix Stalder refers to Fuller's book “How to Sleep”.
Sleep Battle with support from Andreas Kaindlstorfer, Kepler Universitätsklinikum Linz, Department of Neurology 1, NeuromedCampus Sleep Laboratory
Equipment for SLEEP BATTLE is kindly provided by Somnomedics.
Sleep Lab NeuromedCampus:
Andreas Kaindlstorfer, Maria Großauer, Thomas Mitterling
Sleep probands:
Martina Schönbauer, Alexander Maitz, Stefan Prielinger, Naomi Crede
The “Double Single Bed” in the servus club room is a work by Sophie Netzer, which was provided by the artist.
Design servus clubroom: STWST

DOCUMENTATION - from end of october here.