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-**wild_chive_lab** ​ 
-[[SCHEDULE |MAINDECK / FR + SA, 14 - 18 H]] 
-An old fire brigade trailer serves as a mobile art laboratory, which is constantly transformed. For STWST48x3 it becomes the wild_chive_lab,​ a hunger and art hybrid with cold ayran and root noise. 
-**Christine Pavlic**, * 1982 Innsbruck, works in the field of program development / production / art and studied cultural studies and fine arts at the University of Arts in Linz. Her artistic work is mostly interdisciplinary,​ cross-gender,​ and local, with a focus on feminist theory and practice. 
-**Christoph Karl Ebner**, aka Eblie aka Ape Lee aka A.T.M. (Automated trashmachine) aka Apephonie Production aka Morla Institute aka Mr. Magister Ebner, * 1988 Linz. Is a typical Stahlstadtkind,​ with 15 he started a training in metallurgy in the Voest-Alpine and stayed there for 7 years. He studied Fine Arts / Experimental Design at Kunstuni Linz. In his politically motivated work he is close to the themes of kinetic art, sustainable technologies,​ urban development and autonomous freerooms. ... And always: TRASH LOVE TRASH.