Sleep is a complex physiological phenomenon with different cultural and physical expressions. Sleep refers to various abilities and aspects of the body, which are expressed in rhythms, hormones, fluctuations in electrical activity, changes in the activity of organs and body systems, among other things. Historically and across cultures, sleep has taken various forms in terms of light, work, sex, morality, sound, body and human understanding. All these and other factors can be considered as the basis for precise, unspectacular experiments within the framework of STWST48x4 SLEEP.

SLEEP48 is a project of Stadtwerkstatt and was conceptualised by Franz Xaver and Tanja Brandmayr, and at the invitation of STWST by Shu Lea Cheang and Matthew Fuller, who were inspired by Fuller's latest book “How to Sleep, the art, biology and culture of unconsciousness”.
STWST48x4 also shows New Art Contexts developed in and around Stadtwerkstatt.

Stadtwerkstatt has been an art, club and autonomous structure since 1979. As an early adopter in the context of new media and media art, the place has a history of meaningful projects since the 1980s. Nowadays Stadtwerkstatt is active in the areas of New Art Contexts, runs a club and the Cafe Strom, media channels such as the print Versorgerin and other art and discourse formats.
All current New Contexts projects. All previous projects since 1979.


STWST48x4 SLEEP in cooperation with ARS ELECTRONICA
STWST48x4 SLEEP with support of Andreas Kaindlstorfer, Kepler Universitätsklinikum Linz, Department of Neurology 1, NeuromedCampus Sleep
STWST48x4 SLEEP BATTLE mit Support of Somnomedics.
STWST at the Lower East Site: Danube area down to ship Florentine. Watch out.

Media Partners

STWST48x4 is accompanied by Versorgerin 119 (online from Sept 1th)
STWST48x4 is accompanied by Radio FRO: Pamela Neuwirth is reporting. Main Time: Sa, Sept 8th, 13:00-17:00 plus late night (tba)

Imprint: Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, A-4040 Linz/Urfahr,