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STWST48x3 / 48 Hours MIND LESS / 8. - 10. Sept 2017
ALL VIDEOS of the STWST48x3 projects at a glance:

Mycelium Network Society – Intro

Mycelium Network Society – Acuzena Sanchez

Mycelium Network Society – Callum Caplan

Mycelium Network Society – Servando Barreiro (only radio)

Infolab Intro + Mycelium Network Society (TOCOME+++TOCOME+++TOCOME+++)

Infolab: Digital Physics

Infolab: Funkfeuer

Quasikunst Intro

Quasikunst: Eisberg/Entity – 48 Std Meltdown

Quasikunst: Enter the Net / Get a Passport for the Cold Land

Quasikunst: The Robot is Present (to come)

Open Location: Location ID Home

Open Location: wild chive lab

Open Location: cine traktori

Tribute: Tribute to Armin


Lower East Site

Media Cooperation with Radio FRO and Versorgerin

Radio FRO Stand