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-**Enter the Net – Get a Passport for the Cold Land** 
-[[SCHEDULE |WORKSHOP / Fr + Sa, 16-01 h]] 
-Whenever we do not know, whenever we feel alien, whenever we can not help it, we do it, we "go to the net". The net embeds us. It is community and state. Lisa Spalt installs an audio text beginning in correspondence to cold/meltdown. As a human presence, she will be there during STWST48x3 - with the task of noticing the entities and further processing them.  
-**Lisa Spalt**, work on acting in language, images and objects. Personification of the Institute for Poetic Everyday Improvement. Books, most recently: "Ameisendelirium" (2015), "Die zwei Henriettas" (2017). Radio plays, among others: "Dings" (Director: Renate Pittroff, ORF 2012). Numerous collaborations, most recently appearances together with Otto Saxinger (picture + film) and "Daily Transformations" together with Clemens Gadenstätter (composition) and Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck (video). www.lisaspalt.info