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-**MIND LESS - STWST48x3 CLUB Nights** +**Sonatas of Sleep/LESS** 
-[[SCHEDULE | fr 8th sa 9th, from 23 h / club]] +A SONIC SANATORIUM FOR INFORMATION SHOCK-WORKERS / Fr Sat Night 
-{{:​img_9397.jpg?​200nolink|}} +
-Mind more nightlife in the STWST CLUB and the STWST homebase CAFE STROM.+
-If artificial intelligence is responsible for the tracks of the future, if playlists are adapted by the digital tailor to the human mind, then it's time for something new. Mechanics squeak and rattle the rhythm of yesterday in the halls of tomorrow. And yet the machine has the power, inevitably, man vs. machine, and at all, everything! Or as Heinz von Förster says: „Never say, This is boring, I already know. This is the biggest disaster! Always say, I have no idea, I would like to experience it again."​ MIND LESS Club Nights ​curated by Felix Vierlinger. Mindless Patrik Huber is your experienced man-machine-host through the night.+**Club Nights ​for SLEEP48** 
 +4 sound artists PER NIGHT with FuFu play inbetween sets.
 +{{:​cabinet_024_wood_tony_002.jpg?​500nolink|}} Picture: Model of the “Sonata of Sleep.” Courtesy Melnikov Family Archive.
 +**FRIDAY NIGHT, Sept 7th**
 +19:33 (sunset) 07/09/2018 – 06:30 (sunrise) 08/09/2018
 +**19:33- 21:30** (1 set), 07/09/2018
 +[[Svetlana Maras]] (Belgrade, Serbia)
-\\ +**22:30-00:30** (2nd set), 07/09/2018 
-**Freitag 8.9.2017** +[[Sainkho Namtchylak]] ​(Tuva, Russia/Vienna, Austria
-\\ + 
-Madame Humtata ​(Live Performance+**01:30-03:30** (3rd set)08/​09/​2018 
-Wenn sich die Sonne in die Dunkelheit der Nacht legt, erhebt sich Madame Humtata wie ein feurig roter Mond über die Feiernden. Es schlummern zwei Seelen in ihrer BrustMadame Humtata besingt den inneren Kampf mit sich selbstden Reiz des Bösen und den Kraftaktsich dagegen aufzulehnen. +[[Olesia Onykiienko aka Neither Famous Nor Rich]] (KyivUkraine) 
-Wie aus dem Nichtsim schwarzen Spinnenkostüm,​ auf der Bildfläche. Höchst eigenständiger,​ vielschichtiger, in die Tiefe gehender und auf höchstem Niveau angesiedelter Avangarde-Pop+ 
 +**4:​30-6:​30** (4th set)08/​09/​2018 
 +[[Ioana Vreme Moser]] (TimișoaraRomania / Berlin) 
 +**ALL in between sets** (set 0) – 07/09-08/09, 2018 
 +[[Fu aka Nelson Landwerh]] (Geneva, Swiss)
 \\ \\
-JAX '​n'​ TATE +**SATURDAY NIGHTSept 8th** 
-is a Collaboration of JAX and TATE two musicians based in Vienna. They come from different musical backgroundsbut producing and playing live sound brought them together . +19:30 (sunset) 08/09/2018 – 06:31 (sunrise) 09/​09/​2018 
-JAX is a Producer/DJ/Sound Artistwhereas TATE is a Jazz Singer/Composer/Producer. JAX´n´TATE is a project ranging from  vocals over weird gameboy solos to hard and driving analog technoa multifaceted symbiosis of two creative heads. It is the passion for the dancefloor they have in common building the basis of their sound.+
 +**19:30- 21:30** (5 set)08/09/2018 
 +[[Mimu Merz]] (ViennaAustria)
 +**22:​30-00:​30** (6th set), 08/09/2018
 +[[Jessica Ekomane]] (Berlin, Germany)
 +**01:​30-03:​30** (7th set), 09/09/2018
 +[[Cammack Lindsey]] (Berlin, Gernany)
 +**4:​30-6:​31** (8th set), 09/09/2018
 +[[Tamara Wilhelm]] (Vienna, Austria)
 \\ \\
-DJ ODD & LOWA (Shash Rec / AT) 
-GC (also known as Lowa) is a producer and rapper from Linz / Austria. Because of his endless love for music and the support of a bunch of friends he decided to found and run Shash Records with them. In his always growing studio he`s also mixing and mastering the most of the label`s releases. 
-He will play a deep dub oriented bass music DJ set wit Vienna based DJ ODD  
 +**ALL in between sets** (set 0) – 08/​09-09/​09,​ 2018
 +[[Fu aka Nelson Landwerh]] (Geneva, Swiss)
 \\ \\
-**Samstag 9.9.2017 ​10 pm Party-Time / DJs & Dance** +
-\\ +**Sonatas of Sleep/LESS.** A sonic sanitarium for information shock-workers: ​ 
-Tribute to Armin Medosch +Curated by Shu Lea Cheang. 
-Camel from Rocksteady to 80ties Hip Hop +
-Walter Gröbchen playing Armin'​s Records +As an artist and filmmaker, **Shu Lea Cheang** has worked with a range of art mediums and film formats, including video art, networked installation,​ collective performance,​ net art, public art,  feature film and mobile web serial. From homesteading cyberspace in the 90s to her current retreat to BioNet, ​ Cheang takes on viral love, bio hack in her current cycle of works. http://​mauvaiscontact.info
-Mukul London Party Time +
-  +
- +