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 48 Hours of Drifting: Tanja Brandmayr 48 Hours of Drifting: Tanja Brandmayr
 +Production: Sandrik
 \\ \\
 Text in Versorgerin #119:  Text in Versorgerin #119: 
 [[http://​versorgerin.stwst.at/​artikel/​aug-31-2018-1024/​windlines-english|Windlines - Tanja Brandmayr]] [[http://​versorgerin.stwst.at/​artikel/​aug-31-2018-1024/​windlines-english|Windlines - Tanja Brandmayr]]
 +Short video and photo documentation:​ [[Quasikunst]]
 +Text on several Quasikunst projects with a focus on [[http://​www.quasikunst.at/​index.php/​en/​wind-2/​|4 blown coordinates]] (Text published in March 2019)