Sonatas of Sleep/LESS
A sonic sanitarium for information shock-workers
ALL in between sets (set 0)
FU aka NELSON LANDWERH (Geneva, Swiss)

432 sleep bug - ambient noise piece for sleeping
A Bela processor programmed generate Delta and Theta brainwave frequencies together with a variety of mixed noise sounds and repetitive loops to create a immersive drone slick. Abstract sequences from 20 BPM to 300 BPM are augmented with binaural self-inducing beats for stimulating intuitive awareness.The live built-up soundscape brings into natural self healing chaotic harmony and balance, profound relaxation, reduction of pain and emotional distress, sleep, dreaming, trance, rapid learning, self hypnosis and other altered states. As the mind travels through infinite lowlands, the spirit reaches the 4th dimension and connects with a higher consciousness.

Fu: French nationality, mix origins-french / Reunion Island / India, Fu aka Nelson Landwerh went to a public school for common and basic education. Left home at age 18 to seek other possibilities, they followed and lived with the french underground alternative culture and scenes of the late 90's. Further through this rich and itinerant background, they decide to join the CCC ( critical curatorial and cybermedia ) program at The University of Art and Design of Geneva were they develop a practice around poetical writing, spoken words, djset, radiophonic soundscape. Their advanced research in gender and postcolonial studies guide them to explore themselves in Geneva's experimental noise scene. builds immersive soundscapes with hypnotic beats and subtle melodies. Their machines and sequencers bring together raw chaotic sounds with well controlled feedbacks, like a deep breath of psychoactive and colorful fumes, strong and caring at the same time.