Qualia Industries

HYPNOMACHIA - Performative Installation
servus Clubraum / Fr night, 02:00 – open end

servus Clubraum / continuous

The project is a performative installation in which two sleeping subjects engage in a subliminal conflict in which they influence each other’s brain activity.
The brainwaves of subject A are detected in real-time through an EEG and then translated in an electrical transcranial stimulation to subject B, forcing his brain to entrain. Likewise, the same process is repeated from subject B to subject A.
While both sleepers unconsciously attempt to manipulate each other’s brain in this biological propaganda-like fight, a real-time sonification grants the audience access to this hidden confrontation.

Qualia Industries is an incubator of artistic productions embracing emerging trajectories of technology, science and society. Conceived as a open platform, it gathers artists with a background in design, media studies and art theory.