Sonatas of Sleep/LESS
A sonic sanitarium for information shock-workers
01:30-03:30 (3rd set), 08/09/2018
OLESIA ONYKIIENKO aka Neither Famous Nor Rich (Kyiv, Ukraine)

1st part of the concept is for several circles of the sound flow be moving in opposite directions via multichannel sound… being on crossroads of different sound flows for a sleeping visitor reminds me the idea of curing (or`sound therapy`) - maybe this way exhausted shockworkers as any modern tired visitor could get the relax with the vibrations getting through in different directions. This should resemble the procedure of sensing the vibrations or soft bizarre massage with the soundflow.

2nd part of concept is to use the sensors to pick up different parameters of human body. Sensors will be applied to one`s arm pulse or heart, neck, belly or picking up the breath - and inputs going to the sound card – where the sound is processed, mixed with prepared programmed sounds and some prerecorded my personal human data and then output going to the opposite or far away part of the room. This way coming to another visitors to hear. So room becoming one big organism.

Biological data coming to my notebook as input will determine the character of my performance and it`s details, it`ll be an engine formed by the visitors, and I will listen to it to identify the way the composition of the Sleep should move. I leave for this part an improvisation that will be mixed with the prepared samples and will change them.

Neither Famous Nor Rich is a nickname for Kyiv-based musician, theatrical composer and experimental event curator from Ukraine - Olesia Onykiienko. She belongs to musicians community Teple Yabluko, specializing on multichannel space performances. After graduating as a choir conductor, Olesia continues to work with polyphony, considering laptop as rich orchestra and using methods of choral composition in electronic music. NFNR has joint projects with different musicians from Ukraine, Sweden, India, Japan and is a member of folk-electronic art-laboratory MOKOSHO where she experiments not only as a musician and arranger but also as a singer. NFNR explores different genres, floating between and combining them. Her improvisational live sets are conceived as `electronic pictures` and sound-collages by incorporating multilayered sound textures created from sounds collected, which are further processed, generated with various synthesis.