Sonatas of Sleep/LESS
A sonic sanitarium for information shock-workers
22:30-00:30 (2nd set), 07/09/2018
SAINKHO NAMTCHYLAK ( Tuva, Russia/Vienna, Austria)

I do my rehearsals under the blanket singing at very Kate night if I get some exciting idea and I need to try it out, I am singing in bed under the blanket very softly but clear and long trying untill it's getting clear the idea to me… I am even composing scores and giving some graphic notations at nights or writing lyrics it fixing some general concept for the performance….. all under blankets and mostly in dark.. fixing the music sketches or wording dialogue….

Sainkho Namtchylak is an experimental singer, born in 1957 in a secluded village in the south of Tuva. She is proficient in overtone singing; her music encompasses avant-jazz, electronica, modern composition and Tuvan influences. Based in Vienna, Namtchylak sculpted Stepmother City to reflect her ambivalent feelings about European metropolis. Calling herself “first and foremost a woman from the Steppes,” Namtchylak's first musical inspiration came from her nomadic grandmother, who would sing lullabies for hours. She grew up in a culture where people just sing when they feel like it. Namtchylak claims that music and spirituality are related by desire, or the tension that yells to reawaken people.