Sleep Residency / 31.8. - 9.9.

And what about voices without bodies and bodies without voices?
Are you feeling tired? Drained? Exhausted?

Naomi Credé is currently working on a research project focused on bodily presence, voice and loss of control within surrounding architecture and immaterial spaces. The research often culminates in text based sound pieces and immersive installations, forming different collective listening and nap sessions. For STWST48x4, this is particularly focused on the ways in which sleep is commodified and the use of language and disembodied female sounding voices within sleep and relaxation apps as forms of soft coercion in order to prescribe specific kinds of wellness and bodily control.
Naomi Credé is an interdisciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam. Her practice takes different shapes and forms and she often works collaboratively on events based, performative projects. As well as working individually she is part of a spatial practice collective Fabulous Future. She recently graduated from the Sandberg Instituut’s Studio for Immediate Spaces and has a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art, London.

THIS WAS THE OPEN CALL for Sleep Residency 31.8. - 9.9.

The 4th edition of Stadtwerkstatt's 48-hour nonstop program brings together artists and critical producers to address an aesthetics of the unconscious. Art for Sleepers, Art by Sleepers and Art as Sleep.

We don’t only face sleep on a physiological level. It is a phenomenon that’s deeply connected to our history and our culture. Sleep has taken various forms in terms of light, work, sex, morality, sound, body and human understanding. Sleep is also a physiological phenomenon. It refers to various abilities and aspects of the body, which are expressed in rhythms, hormones, fluctuations in electrical activity, changes in the activity of organs and body systems, among other things.
We want you to sleep!
STWST48x4 SLEEP and the initiative 3erH0f invite you to sleep (through) 10 days. We offer you the opportunity to work with and about sleep at the suburban located 3erH0f from 31.8. – 9.9. Sleep as an optimization, sleep to (over-)sleep or as a preparation for STWST48x4 SLEEP.

Short biography and project description no later than 13th of August to
Looking for individuals or groups of max 2 people.
Per diems of € 30 per day, total € 300 per 10 days.
Support for travel expenses: max € 200