Sonatas of Sleep/LESS
A sonic sanatorium for information shock-workers
19:30- 21:30 (5 set), 08/09/2018
SVETLANA MARAS (Belgrade, Serbia)

Understanding sleeping as an altered state of being, that which exists only in relation to the other, is only a first level of transmogrification of our everyday existence as I see it, dreaming being the second and ultimate one. I find these two parallel processes to stand in opposition - while steadiness and continuity are inherent to sleeping, dreams (or the way we remember them), are often illogical, disorderly, fragmentary …….. I decided to work with professional magnetic tapes for this segment only. Old magnetic tapes for me bring the association with memory, “tangible”, unwanted microartifacts such as noise on the tape, imperfection…Opposite to digital manipulation of sound with a use of computer, which is unmistakable and controlled to the smallest bits, tapes bring in the indeterminate element which would emphasize the before-mentioned duality between sleep and dreams. In terms of acoustic quality, this sort of analogue equipment shifts us sonically into the area of “warm” and “cozy” sound most pleasing to the ear of a sleeper.

Svetlana Maras (1985) is composer and sound artist from Serbia. She works at the intersection of experimental music and sound art . Maras' work is highly experimental and as such, rejects definite classification. She composes for ensembles, makes works for radio, creates interactive sound and media installations and performs live electronic music. Her works have been presented internationally, at venues and festivals such as CTM (Berlin), Espace Multimedia Gantner (Bourogne), International Music Institute (Darmstadt), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), A38 (Budapest), Ausland (Berlin), ORF Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Belgrade, RTE Nova, ICMC (New York), UCSD (San Diego), ISEA (Dubai), Orpheus Institute (Ghent) among many other places. Maras is a head of Radio Belgrade’s Electronic Studio.