Pamela Neuwirth / notton
Maindeck / continuous

Hypnogram (2018) is a remix sound collage of phase shifts and oscillations modeled after a nightly sleep cycle. During sleep, different frequencies vary in the low spectrum. Consciousness slides from the relaxed waking state down into the deepest subconscious layers (1 Hz), which remain rationally unattainable and hidden. Between light sleep phase (alpha) and deep sleep (non-rem phase 3), REM phases (theta), various non-rem phases (delta) alternate with memorization sequencies (sigma). The subconscious of sleep is alive and mobile. On Radio Fro

Pamela Neuwirth is a radio editor, free journalist, non-fiction author. Investigations between art and science for example in CERN, Geneva or archives in Heidelberg and Athens. Collaboration with other artists in the field of cryptography | Ghostradio (2014) in Riga, curated by Armin Medosch or about AI | Hades (2017) shown with Markus Decker at the Ars Electronica. Currently working on Candela3D, a feminist science fiction project which will start in Biarritz, France this November.