Stadtwerkstatt Dptm. No Architects
No Architecture
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Derived from Konstantin Melnikov’s proposed architecture of a “Sonata of Sleep”, an architecture of sleep from 1929, STWST developed the Sleep Tunnel. Melnikovs idea of the Sonata of Sleep meant a recuperation area for factory workers of the 20ies - a laboratory of sleep, a sanatorium and an area of nature experience. This utopian idea will be combined with Stadtwerkstatts credo of “No Architects”. There will be a sleep tunnel of no dimension, a no-architecture of transparent relationship between inside and outside, an unprotected area of sleeping entities and an open call to get to sleep during Ars Electronica.
We build a house of sleep: Sleep architecture is also a term from medical sleep research. It means the different sleep stages, which repeat itself in cycles several times per night.
We build a structure of sleep-context:
Several texts on the topics of sleep, consciousness and architecture have appeared in Versorgerin 119:
Deep Sleep - Matthew Fuller
Sleep Tunnel und Sleep Battle - STWST Announcement
The Five-Year Plan of Sleep - Georg Wilbertz
In the Beginning there was the Outside - Harald Purrer
Radio-Talk with Andreas Kaindlstorfer from Sleep Lab (sorry, only german).
The Sleep Tunnel will feature the sound setting Hypnogram designed by Pamela Neuwirth. The Sleep Tunnel will also be the place to see and listen Sleep Battle.
The Sleep Tunnel of no dimension is a project by STWST, Department No Architects. Inspired by Konstantin Melnikovs Sonatas of Sleep, here a link to Tony Woods Text Bodies at Rest.
STWST No Architects: Franz Xaver, Tanja Brandmayr, Jakob Breitwieser, Jan-Nahuel Jenny. Sleep architecture support of Andreas Kaindlstorfer, Kepler Universitätsklinikum Linz, Department of Neurology 1, NeuromedCampus Sleep Laboratory.