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Equating actor and media, increasing complexity and contradiction - dematerialization and distances: Following the artistic-theoretical structure of Quasikunst, the almost immaterial “materials” of fog and ice that preceded in previous years will be followed this year by wind, or a systemic-performative examination of the theme of wind and air.
Air is blown or better swirled through the house with a wind machine or with several wind machines. This medium of wind escapes the fixed calculation of matter and predictable behaviour. In order to guarantee this unpredictability, space should be opened and distances should be encreased. The result should be a kind of connected draught of free or liberated perception, as playful whispering, as wind lines of swirled molecules, connected breathing, as a telecommunication of thinking, feeling and perception within a world increasingly defined by rigid networks.

Windlines: Tanja Brandmayr
Production: Felix Vierlinger
Wind Machine: Bernhard Schiesser
Tanja Brandmayr has been working for many years and in different contexts between text, staging and art. Art and context research Quasikunst in cooperation with STWST. Also editor and author. Lives in Linz/Austria. More Quasikunst
Bernhard Schiesser is an employee of the Stadtwerkstatt and also a musician, film-maker and sculptor

Text in Versorgerin #119: Windlines - Tanja Brandmayr
Short video and photo documentation: Quasikunst

Review text on several Quasikunst projects with a focus on this 4 blown coordinates “Windlines - Movement A - 48 Hours of Drifting - Disappearing 50.000”. Processes, that do not understand themselves (published in March 2019, in Versorgerin #120)